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I am an elite personal trainer, diet/nutrition advisor and mindset coach offering one-to-one and online tailored plans to alter habits and contribute towards living a healthy and happy life.

"I Mind, You Matter"


Please see details below of the tailored services I provide.

Personal Training

I offer PT sessions in person and via the internet.

Online Plans

Bespoke training and nutrition plans via mobile phone app. Get fit and healthy wherever you are in the world and I am only a click away!


Competition Posing and confidence classes in person and online for bodybuilding and bikini competitors.

90% of Expressions clients place top 5!
Expressions classes are available 1:1 and in group 

Are you looking for a coach who pushes you to new levels?

Are you wanting to feel better about your body and get more confident in life?


As a World Bikini Fitness Champion who has competed and won numerous titles around the world, I know what it takes to get REAL RESULTS!

I have been working as an Elite Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor for over seven years and as an Online Health, Fitness and Well-being Coach for four years.

I believe everyone is equally important and the need for our lifestyles to be healthy is too. For this reason, my client base covers pretty much everyone! Rich and famous, Mums, University students, Grandfathers, you name it..I cover it!

Mastering how best to look after yourself is hard work! I offer the techniques, structure and support to help you get through this and have a great time doing so!

I learnt the hard way, so you don't have to! Save yourself the time and worry and let me guide you in the right direction with your health and fitness goals!

Get in touch today!

My Speciality Areas:

Improving Overall Mental Health

Weight Loss/Gain


Strength & Stamina

Flexibility & Mobility

Body Confidence & Self Esteem

Eating Disorder Recovery

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Managing Stress

Depression and Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Sleep Therapy - Including CBT for Insomnia


12 weeks

(In conjunction with training plan)

  • Initial nutrition assessment

  • Goal setting and need analysis

  • Bespoke nutrition plans

  • Supplement guidance

  • Guidance on meal planning

  • Recipe ideas

  • Regular check-ins and ongoing nutritional support

  • Exclusive discount on food and drink intolerance blood tests

*Prices are set but in certain circumstances these may differ and plans may be adapted to​ make training accessible for you whilst the standard of the service is not compromised.

"Be inspired but do not compare."

"You are on your own journey."

Want to join me for more than just one course?

Signing up to monthly mentoring with me. It includes so much!

You'll get access to many of my bespoke coaching programmes and work closely with me to create the life you love!

...Let's move you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Compassionate and Results Driven Therapy, Coaching and Mentoring with Hannah Rees.

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