Health At Home

Health is Wealth!

Here are some TOP TIPS for wellness at home:


Whether it’s jumping-jacks and burpees, home weight training or gentle yoga, don’t forget to fit in some workouts! Keep the body moving 💪 All you need is a towel. (I’v got plenty of home workouts if you need them!)


Get out of your PJ’s first thing in the morning. Making the change will add structure to your day and get you feeling productive.


Use your extra time to make your own meals from scratch. This will help you to appreciate what you are putting in your body and you may be surprised how great you are in the kitchen! You can try growing your own fruit and veg too! Get in the garden or pop some herb pots on the balcony/windowsill. I’v been making healthy curries, breakfast bowls and high protein snacks. Let me know if you want recipes!


It’s such a great time to have a declutter and clear out things you can give to charity. Freshen your space by moving things around. Oh, and dusting and hoovering definitely count as exercise!💪💃


Research suggests the most productive people take a break every 50 minutes. If you are working from home or studying, hit the pause button. Walk around the house, hang up the washing, have a stretch. Then go back to work with a fresh mind!


Allocate time for yourself doing something other than sitting still on the sofa. Take a bath, give yourself a pedicure, read a book. This week I’v been doing candle-lit yoga, stretching and meditating. BLISS ✨

This is our opportunity to make our schedule and rhythm! So make your days both productive and enjoyable!

For those of you that are still out there working, thank you for all you are doing. You are really appreciated! 💫 H

If you like this, be sure to let me know below and/or forward it to a friend or loved one!👆❤️👇

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