Bespoke Training and Nutrition Coaching.
Workouts and nutrition via mobile app.
Regular video and phonecalls with me!
A life changing journey you will love the decision you made to embark on!

12 Weeks Transformation

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    • Personalised weekly exercise programme that you follow in my mobile app.
    • Personalised nutrition and meal plans.
    • Coaching Handbook - I have put together this guide containing everything you need to know for the fantastic results and a fun and healthy transformation.
    • An in-depth body, nutrition and lifestyle analysis, plus ongoing reviews.
    • Access to extensive exercise video library so you can see exactly how to safely perform each exercise.
    • Supplement advice and exclusive discounts.
    • Direct contact and support from me via my mobile app.
    • 1 Free 45 minute online session of exercise technique/'Expressions' bikini/body building posing or body confidence.
    • Video progress calls.
    • Priority access to mental health support. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Personal Growth Coaching)
    • 20% off All Group Workshops (eg. 'Expressesions' and networking events. Currently paused due to Cod-19 but we will be back! For now, we keep in touch online!)