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Professional coaching for stage


Competition Posing & Confidence

This is a class  for models and fitness competitors, from initial amateur preparation all the way to professional level athletes.

OVER 100 TOP 5 PLACES so far!

The aim of the business was to encourage developing genuine confidence and enjoyment- I took my experience of competing and married it with my skills as Mindset Coach (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with the Uni of West Scotland) and as a professional and qualified dancer and dance teacher. 


I have had over 150 1:1 clients and well over 300 clients in total including my workshop attendees. I coach Male and Female clients for all categories and for all federations here in the UK and overseas too- Portugal, Budapest, USA to name a few countries. There have been over 100 top 5 place trophies for Expressions clients- they do great!

Classes are £65 per hour and take place in Fulham and Chelsea in London and via Skype.

Fatima UKUP
Sophie Cash Miami Pro_edited
Will Mather BodyPower
Dessy IFBB
Emma Pawson 2nd place PCA
Wil Mather first place
Rhianon Williams- UKUP 3rd place