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Competition Posing & Confidence for Bikini, Bodybuilding, Pageant and Modelling 

Expressions is for female and male models and fitness bodybuilding/bikini competitors, from absolute beginners all the way to top professional level athletes and entrants competing all around the world.

Expressions has had hundreds of clients winning top 5 trophy places, (in fact over 95% of Expressions clients are placed in the top 5 winning positions!!)

Expressions helps you develop genuine confidence and enjoyment- I took my experience of competing and married it with my skills as Mindset Coach (Qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and as a professional, fully qualified dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. 


I have had over 150 one-to-one clients and in excess of 350 clients in total including my workshop attendees. I coach both Male and Female clients for all categories and for all federations here in the UK and overseas too- Portugal, Budapest, Cyprus, USA and more! There have been over 100 top 5 place trophies for Expressions clients- they do great..and really enjoy it!

The best thing about Expressions is the confidence and genuine self-esteem gained that can then be applied to all areas of life! I am constantly touched by the feedback and this business is one of my proudest ventures to date.

Classes are £75 per hour and take place in Fulham and Chelsea in London. 

10 sessions = £700

3 hour intensive posing and show prep = £207

Zoom/Skype/Facetime Sessions Available.


Please take a moment to read the reviews and testimonials below and more HERE!

Classes take place 1:1 in a studio in London, and/or online via the internet using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

I have created Expressions as I believe there is a huge demand for it! We live in a world full of pressure and judgement and sometimes we need a little help to find that inner confidence that allows us to make the most out of this wonderful opportunity that is life! Many of my clients have been awarded top placings in fitness competitions internationally, have had fantastic photoshoots, excelled in their work place and feel genuinely happy!

Body and Confidence

This adaptable coaching method is for anyone looking to become more body confident and wanting to boost their self-esteem.

We can cover whatever it is you wish to work on such as posing for a photoshoot, performing on stage, speaking in conferences, or simply to boost your confidence at work or in everyday life.

Ready to SHINE?!

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What my clients think about my Expressions classes

Hannah is amazing, she has a natural inspiring energy and will instantly put you at ease. There are many people that offer confidence building and life coaching but what makes Hannah different is her genuine nature and how much she really cares about her clients. 
I went into the 121 feeling nervous and lacking confidence and came out later feeling so full of energy and love for life. 
The hour I had with Hannah not only helped me with my stage confidence and presence but it has affected my confidence in all areas of my life.
I am naturally a shy person and leaving the session I felt like a new person, I felt confident in who I was as a person and that who I was is good enough and I wanted the world to see it. 
I chose to use my session to give me the confidence to step on stage but I would highly recommend Hannah's sessions to anyone looking for a confidence boost or some life inspiration. 
An amazing woman and she was born to inspire people 😁.

Amanda Grady

After deciding to compete again this year in a new category, I wanted to look for a posing coach who could help me with my confidence, sass and stage presence, as this is what I lacked last year and lost me higher placings.
I had been following Hannah on social media for a while and after seeing her Expressions classes, I decided to go with Hannah as a coach.
I've had one session so far and had the best time! Having been nervous and debating whether I had the confidence to even get back on the stage, my confidence is now sky-high and I cannot wait for my next session! Hannah was so lovely and really made me feel at ease!

Laura Crew

"Working with Hannah has been really great for me, it had boosted my confidence massively and taught me to love my body. Her manner is positive and put me at ease from the word go. I'm looking forward to working with Hannah in the future and feel it has been a worthwhile investment for my performance on stage, thanks Hannah!"

Liberty Baxter

Hannah was a very professional, experienced posing coach for my first physique fitness competition. She was very helpful and I learned a lot. I won first place because of her.

Wil Mather

Low self esteem, lack of confidence and self worth have been things I have struggled with for a very long time. They are things that have held me back from achieving my goals, my aspirations and have prevented me from reaching my full potential. My first Expressions workshop taught me how to challenge negative thoughts and ideas and to channel positive energy into all aspects of my life. I have a long way to go, and a lot of work to do but I'm excited about it. Hannah is amazing. I can't wait for my next session. Highly recommend.

Victoria Potter

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