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Bikini Masters

Shirley Morrison

Hannah is a fabulous posing coach, full of knowledge and expertise. My first session with her was amazing as Ieft feeling my confident and ready to bring fire to the stage.


Kate Fearns

Amazing posing session with Hannah today. Such great energy. Thank you 😊

PCA First Timer / Miami Pro start


Hannah is so passionate and her coaching is indispensable to me. She gives the best cues that resonates and adjusts everything to you. Hannah is helping me to reveal my potential and be prepared for my first bikini competitions.

Novice UKDFBA figure competitor

Natalie Woods

I've wanted to get on stage for a while but my confidence has always stopped me from going for it. Having made the decision to enter my first competition this year, the prospect of being able to pose well was overwhelming me and I had begun to question whether I was capable of it at all. Going for my first session, I was literally shaking with nerves but immediately Hannah put me at ease. Her directions and approach were extremely clear and I felt really comfortable for the entire session which flew by! I walked in with no idea where to start and left with both an understanding of what I need to work on and a newfound belief that absolutely this is something I can master and do well! I'm already looking forward to my next session and building on what I've learnt so far!

1st Place Bikini

Victoria Potter

Low self esteem, lack of confidence and self worth have been things I have struggled with for a very long time. They are things that have held me back from achieving my goals, my aspirations and have prevented me from reaching my full potential. My first Expressions workshop taught me how to challenge negative thoughts and ideas and to channel positive energy into all aspects of my life. I have a long way to go, and a lot of work to do but I'm excited about it. Hannah is amazing. I can't wait for my next session. Highly recommend.

Men's Physique Pro Athlete

Wil Mather

Hannah was a very professional, experienced posing coach for my first physique fitness competition. She was very helpful and I learned a lot. I won first place because of her.

Bikini Competitor

Liberty Baxter

Working with Hannah has been really great for me, it had boosted my confidence massively and taught me to love my body. Her manner is positive and put me at ease from the word go. I'm looking forward to working with Hannah in the future and feel it has been a worthwhile investment for my performance on stage, thanks Hannah!

Bikini Competitor

Laura Crew

After deciding to compete again this year in a new category, I wanted to look for a posing coach who could help me with my confidence, sass and stage presence, as this is what I lacked last year and lost me higher placings.
I had been following Hannah on social media for a while and after seeing her Expressions classes, I decided to go with Hannah as a coach.
I've had one session so far and had the best time! Having been nervous and debating whether I had the confidence to even get back on the stage, my confidence is now sky-high and I cannot wait for my next session! Hannah was so lovely and really made me feel at ease!

Bikini Competitor

Amanda Grady

Hannah is amazing! She has a natural inspiring energy and will instantly put you at ease. There are many people that offer confidence building and life coaching but what makes Hannah different is her genuine nature and how much she really cares about her clients.
I went into the 121 feeling nervous and lacking confidence and came out later feeling so full of energy and love for life.
The hour I had with Hannah not only helped me with my stage confidence and presence but it has affected my confidence in all areas of my life.
I am naturally a shy person and leaving the session I felt like a new person, I felt confident in who I was as a person and that who I was is good enough and I wanted the world to see it.
I chose to use my session to give me the confidence to step on stage but I would highly recommend Hannah's sessions to anyone looking for a confidence boost or some life inspiration.
An amazing woman and she was born to inspire people 😁.

UKUP British Champion 2019 Bikini over 40

Emma Dodd

I started my 1-2-1 posing sessions with Hannah in May leading up to the British Finals in October and they were invaluable! She completely changed my game when it came to stage presence and I walked out at the Finals with a whole new level of confidence. I cannot recommend Hannah enough she knows her stuff and her positivity and energy are contagious. I cant wait to start again and see where 2020 takes us xx

UK Ultimate Physiques Men’s Physique Competitor

Laury Toutouyoutte

I was recommended to see Hannah via my sister a fellow competitor and it was the best choice I ever did! Hannah is amazing not only with the knowledge of posing, stage presence but the interaction you have to help you become more confident outside competing. So grateful and thankful for having Hannah making me bring the best ability onto stage and smashing it!!

Physique Competitor

Sophie Cash

I have attended multiple Workshops and One to One sessions with Hannah and everytime I leave the studio with a huge smile on my face. We have worked together for 2 years on several different posing routines for different federations such as; UKUP, Pure Elite, Miami Pro, BodyPower next top fitness model and 2 Bros Pro. Hannah is a a fantastic coach, she is super bubbly and has such a positive attitude towards posing and life in general. I would highly recommended Hannah’s workshops and One to One sessions! I have made lots of friends at the workshops and it is great to meet other girls that are also in the same position as you are.

Pure Elite Competitor

Cheryl Austin

First time competing and with the expertise and experience of Hannah Rees my posing was absolutely on point on stage I would highly recommend her xx

UK Ultimate Physiques bikini competitor

Charlotte Scott

Hannah was totally awesome, made me feel super at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp. She travelled all the way from London and managed to teach us all we needed to know in a couple of hours! We went through all the basics in terms of mandatory poses and stage presence which massively helped with my confidence and I now can’t wait to step on stage - thanks Hannah! Before we got to work posing, Hannah made sure we all got to know each other first resulting in me meeting some lovely likeminded people and some friends for life! Hannah really helped me to release that super confident and sassy side and made the session easy to understand by using fun terminology making the key bits of info memorable. Totally recommend visiting Hannah as you will come away from the session feeling super confident and ready to hit the stage!!

Ukup bikini masters

Emma leonard

Hi Hannah I joined a fabulous workshop with Hannah, she lit up the room with her body positivity and I left the workshop ready to enter every category feeling proud of what I have accomplished. Em leonard

Founder and CEO of Expressions

Hannah Rees

I absolutely love what Expressions has become over the past few years! Thank you for all contributing to this! xx