Girlfriend Gains!

Chasing dreams and challenges brings so many new people into your life!

I pinch myself when I think of how many fabulous and driven people I have connected with through the times of just “going for it!” fitness competing, running businesses and just getting myself out there into the world.

Meeting new people can bring so much happiness and life experience. Life is for living and, more often than not, the ups and the downs are best shared with others! Improving your social life can be a tough and quite scary thing to start working on, but there is so much to benefit from on the other side of that just need to trust yourself enough to get going!

If you are looking to build your social circles; try setting yourself a new challenge, you never know who will be riding the waves with you!

...This goes for the time we are spending at home too, there are so many ways to connect with people all over the world right now- I’ve been really enjoying this just lately. ...Send an email, join a forum, pick up the phone or write a letter! Let nothing hold you back!✨

👆Cuddled between these beauties, Lina and Kimberley 🌸🥰 This was my first bikini fitness show...trophy and pro-card at Pure Elite. 💙🏆

I have plans to start a couple of communities, so please DM me, join my mailing list here on my website or comment below if you’d be interested in learning more or joining... Let's get socialising! 💫

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