Connect With Your Inner Self

✨Feeling pressure to be productive? Achievement isn’t just found externally in the jobs you work hard at, the sports you compete in and the body you sculpt. Achievement is also found in the effort and the attention you give to your inner-self.

Instead of comparing or looking to others for approval, try to realise you have all you need to feel good and live happily, right there within you. Sometimes the most powerful moments can be when we just sit with ourselves. So pause, take a look on the inside and give yourself a warm and loving smile. Be still, find peace. 💫H

Times I love to connect with myself that may really help you too:

✨ During my morning yoga/stretch, breathwork and meditation - Here I tune into my body and mind and set an intention for the day ahead.

✨ My #EnergyTime walks - You may have followed me on these for the last few years. The momentum of walking whilst being outside in nature is perfect for feeling grateful and energised and for coming up with fantastic ideas!

✨ Before bed - I often “starfish out” on the yoga mat in the living room to release any tension in my body and relax my mind ready to drift off to dream land!

If you’d like any help with getting in touch with your inner self or doing any of the above exercises, drop me a message here or send me an email. I mind, you matter.

💫 H

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