Dancing into the new year with Style (and health)!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

While I set aside my workout gear for a while, I found a new sense of balance!...

My gym clothes spent a lot of time hung up in 2019 as I worked on my health and social life!

During the last 4 years of intense training, competing in bikini fitness, building my businesses in bodybuilding posing and fitness training - the focus was always on the “HARD WORKING, ENTREPRENEURIAL, FIT-LIFE”. It was necessary to achieve what I did at the time and set me up for who I am now so don't get me wrong, the entire journey was fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing! ...you can probably sense a "..but" coming now, and you aren't wrong! Here it is...

Following on from 2018, last year I furthered my studies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Coaching. My main aim was to develop the help I give to my fabulous clients and followers but as an added bonus, I learnt so much more about myself in the process!

I will ALWAYS be an entrepreneurial business woman, I will ALWAYS be ‘fit’, and I will ALWAYS be looking to push and challenge myself in different ways...that’s me...but I am now able to change things up when it’s necessary. I BALANCE my GO-GO-GO workaholic- life a lot more with CHILLING OUT- doing things like travelling, dining out, watching Netflix and completely letting my hair down whilst rocking the dance floor! (Some of these things I had to totally relearn!) Life isn't one-dimensional. Things happen, our paths change direction, and that is what makes us so interesting as people. It is within our freedom to reassess where we are whenever we wish to, and this gives us the capability to make some positive changes. So...

You'll see in a couple of pictures above, me out of my trainers and leggings and into my ‘Out-Out’ outfit from New Years Day @paravanafamily 💃 It was one of MANY MANY parties over the festive period. Going "out-out" was something I didn't do much of for years and I have honestly had an AMAZING time just lately!! It doesn't mean I have to be out all the time now...I wouldn't want the novelty to wear off, and I am not entirely sure that my feet could handle this much dancing on a regular basis! But I have my passion for 'letting go' back in full swing. I have laughed hard with my besties, met some fabulous new people, and bumped into quite a few old friends too!

My gym workouts are back and are GREAT💪 (I have acquired so many new skills to offer my current and future health and fitness clients), my family and friends are so important to me, my work-life is fab (with some super exciting things coming up-especially in TV and mental health!). In summary...my MOJO FOR LIFE and EVERYTHING IT OFFERS is more apparent than ever!

It sounds a bit backwards...but in order to get BALANCE we have to really prioritise what needs attention.

If you are looking for BALANCE from ANY direction, please reach out. I am speaking from experience; I honestly have so much to offer you and I’d love us to connect.

HEALTH isn’t reflective of what we see on the outside, it’s something you achieve by BEING REAL and finding BALANCE when necessary. Health needs regular reassessment, but once you learn that, it can be such a pleasure to maintain.

Sending you all LOVE, LIGHT and GOOD ENERGY. ✨

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I don’t often share my personal life on social media, so it means A LOT! 🤗 Please comment below, I would LOVE it if you did!

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