The Hour Hayo’u QVC Beauty Takeover Show

I had a wonderful time on the sofa on Sunday for the hour-long Live Takeover Show with resident presenter Katy Pullinger and founder of the brand Hayo’u, Katie Brindle.

We also had Chinese Medicine practitioner, Katie (Yes, there were three Katies on air at once!) and models Alice and Bernardo joining us to demonstrate how The Hayo’u Method works.

You may have heard me mention them before...Hayo’u are a brand inspired by Chinese Medicine. They explore integrated wellness through use of their self-massage (gum sha) tools, oils, bath products and breathing rituals, all beneficial for the entire body from the inside out.

I have been using the collection for the past couple of months after being asked to represent them on the show and to work on other projects outside of QVC and I am really enjoying it all!

It can be as simple as taking a minute a day to give yourself a little YOU TIME with Hayo’u.

Keep an eye out as you will soon find LOTS of me on the brand‘s website and social media!

Any questions about the brand, and their products or if you have already experienced gua sha, let me know!

To work with me- presenting, modelling, coaching or consulting, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

H x

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