Let's NOT get physical!

👆So this was life when we could touch strangers! 🎥

A couple of hours after meeting, fellow actor Gareth Leighton and I were on-screen husband and wife. A great thing about the performance industry is connecting with new people and having a great time producing work. At the moment however, I am gaining so much from the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Social distancing during Covid-19 has given us not only the opportunity to grow as individuals but also to look deeper into the people we know already and those we meet anew. There are so many qualities you get to see in a person when we take the time to just stand back.

So...for now...let’s continue to appreciate all the fabulous things that come with not getting physical!

H 💫



Have you been able to find some positivity in the moments of not touching?

♥️ or 💬👇

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