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I had a fabulous time launching @makeupboxldn_ ‘s Hand Pallet on @qvc yesterday!

This handy tool slips onto the back of your hand and allows you to hygienically mix and manage your makeup and skincare products.

You can create customised shades out of the contents of your makeup bag without the need to keep buying more items!

Mix RED and ROSE lipglosses to make a HOT PINK to perfectly match your handbag or shoes!

No more struggling with your foundation shade as your skin tone changes throughout the year. The Hand Pallet allows you to add a darker shade to a lighter shade, as much or as little as you want, blending perfectly instead of sticking to or being absorbed into the back of your hand.

As you probably know, I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, but there are times when it’s needed, (like filming or when I’m looking a little tired!) so I love having the Hand Pallet to mix a moisturiser and a light foundation together and create a tinted moisturiser. The result- a nice dewy natural glow whilst looking after my skin!

Say goodbye to messy makeup sessions and we are reducing wastage tenfold! Use what you already have sparingly!

It was an honour to work alongside the beautiful expert Alison Young For the first time. Looking forward to more to come!

Rewatch the show and pick up your own Hand Pallet here:


Become a makeup artist at home!



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