Presenting on BBC's The Apprentice has taught me a lesson or two!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

You may have seen me feature in last week's episode of The BBC's 'The Apprentice'. The contestants from the show came to BodyPower, where I work as a presenter every year- the camera caught me well for a few seconds as I introduced the teams to the stage. I was in the cinema with my cousin (watching the 'must watch' movie A Star Is Born) when it aired and came out to my phone FULL of messages from people who had watched me!- I am still getting contact from people about it a week later- catch up TV is great, hey?! It's strange because everyone commented on how much of a natural I am, and this was just a small clip of me working on a job that I do all the time. I improvised for a few seconds, so for me it is really nothing much at all. A similar thing happened when I was touring for Marks & Spencer- it was a great job to land, but not many people saw me. It has made me realise that although I LOVE all of my live presenting work, I really must get some more 'on-screen' gigs where more people can see me and I MUST SPEAK OUT ABOUT WHAT I AM DOING. When I started out as a presenter, I was on live Sky and Freesat TV for three years, but I told only a handful of people about this work as it was a casino channel and I was worried I would offend people and be pigeonholed to this type of work forever. On reflection, these years were wonderful experience for me as they kickstarted my presenting career-and paid my bills! I am proud of all of my days past and present as they all contribute to who I am! I am now back actively seeking more on-screen work again alongside my live gigs and have already been booked on a job next week. Hopefully you'll see me on the box or online again really soon!

My career as a Life & Business Coach is not only hugely beneficial for my clients, but also for myself. I coach myself like a client, and reflecting and writing this blog post is part of it today- so thanks for reading!

H x

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