Overcoming Self-Doubt

Yesterday morning, I had a conversation with a client who is a high achieving superstar, but found herself experiencing a wave of self-doubt about a certain goal.

I want to share what I said to her with you as it’s important we remember that self-doubt will come up for us all. It’s about recognising it, managing it and not letting it get the better of us.

Don’t let the self-doubt overcome you.

Think of how you got all the things that are wonderful to you now. What got you here? Commitment to yourself and HARD WORK!

You dictate where your mind goes and you can CHOOSE to see the moments of self-doubt as indicators that things are now taking you up to the next level. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and that is exactly what is necessary to bring on the challenges, to learn, to see results, and to really grow.

I believe in YOU. But you need to BELIEVE IN YOU!

Make the decision to OVERCOME that self-doubt and say to it right now “Oh Hi, thanks for showing me I’m evolving!”

Now let’s get on to this action plan! You’ve got greatness to do!💃” H 💫

...and sure enough...my client reframed her thoughts, handled her self-doubt like a BOSS and got on with smashing the rest of her day!

We are all human, but we can achieve real GREATNESS!



Positive people have the same challenges as everyone else. It’s about learning how to manage your mind and keeping that up. Want to work with me or simply connect? Get in touch! 🤗

If you know of someone who may benefit from reading this, send them a link! It could be perfect timing for them.

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