Scitec Athlete Day!

I took a trip to Manchester for our Scitec Athlete Day and had a BLAST! I have done a few sampling events, and gym appearances and a photoshoot for the brand but this was my first time meeting up with so many of the Athletes and the staff at once, and what a way to do it! Our manager, Alex, and his team put on the most incredible event that lasted three days for me (as I took advantage of two nights paid for in the Hilton Hotel! It was like a mini holiday!) Watch this video to find out what we got up to. It was EPIC!..especially the activity!

I didn't record the whole night of dancing whilst out in Manchester. This carried on to the early ours of the morning busting some serious shapes on the dance floor with fellow athlete Jenna-Trust me, the memories will last a lifetime! Use code "HANNAH" for discount on !


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