The Successful First Expressions Workshop of 2019!

Well Expressions has been incredible this year already! The first Workshop was a great success as you can see from the pictures below!

There was a lovely group of girls who are entering competitions later in 2018. As we were a while off from comp dates we focused on walks, stage confidence and poses that are judged in all federations. We had support from a few of my favourite brands including Sculptmode and Scitec Nutrition. Our goodie bags were packed with fab gifts and after the workshop we even had a tasting session of Lo Dough dipped in the new sauces and syrups from The Skinny Food Company!

The next workshop is April 6th and we have some fab things lined up! Competition season has now started, so some of this next workshop will run like SHOW DAY! How exciting!

To book or enquire about my 1-2-1 coaching and workshops CLICK HERE or email me on

You can use my discount codes on the following:

Scitec Nutrition - HANNAH


Sculptmode - HANNAH10 or (EXPRESSIONS20 for limited time extra discount)

The Skinny Food Co < Just click the link

Any probs with the above, let me know as they often update links.

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