10 Tips for Living With Intention

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

​Often people drift through their days following routines and patterns that they have automatically developed. They go through the motions and do things without much thought or feeling. What if you put a little more thought into WHY you do the things you do? If you created more of your actions to match your core values (courage and compassion, for example) think of the fulfilment you’d then get from the things you do and the impact you could have on others and the world. Living with intention stops things being dull, it makes our actions serve a purpose and we are able to live more consciously. Don’t just drift through life, take more meaningful action. LIVE WITH INTENTION ☺️✨

My Top Tips For *Living With Intention*

1. Clarify Your Values- knowing what you believe in will act like a compass for the decisions and choices you make. (I have a FREE downloadable PDF to help you identify your core values coming soon so make sure you subscribe or drop me an email and I will send you it!)


2. Care For Yourself- be kind to yourself and understand that you are worth the journey.


3. Dream Big- Our actions come as a result of what we have in our minds. Don’t think about things half-heartedly, make your visions BIG.


4. Practice Gratitude- Start every day by reflecting on the things you are thankful for. I do this during my morning “Energy Time” walk.


5. Exercise Daily- Looking after your body will give you with strength, discipline and energy whilst providing you with a clear mind; a great place to make decisions from.


6. Use Your Inner Authority- Don’t react too quickly to circumstances around you. Remember to value yourself and know that you always have choice.


7. Prepare To Be Challenged- if things get scary or hard, it’s probably because you are on the RIGHT path. If you don’t find it tough, you aren’t taking a big enough leap. Being one step ahead and expecting the tricky times will give you power to dig deep and continue!


8. Meet Your Future Self- Who is the person you want to become? Make sure your actions are that of the person you want to be.


9. Be Open- Welcome change and opportunity. Life may take you on different paths than expected. Be open to change route, you could end up in places far more beautiful than you ever imagined!


10. Take Action- Spend at least 30 minutes each day doing things that contribute towards where you want to be.

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Hannah Rees x

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